Please refer to the sales reference list here:


From Sep of 2017, company new websites are online, since that time, reference study case will be shown on the websites, and they will be updated onsides company facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Blogger, Tumblr, Google+ or other social media in the same time.

The case study is usually selected from the cooperation between some of our clients, beginning from Sep of 2017, We usually selected one or two cases from the business trade or shipment happened in that month but will update such kind of case every month.

In these case study, we will record the trade time, trade product model, application, and other details. The most important is that we will show you some exact real and clear shipment and packing pictures. For the company policy, we will hide the client company name but will inform which country they are from.

If for one specific product, there is enough case to show complete pump details. The case for this model will be stopped.

For any interest or questions, you can contact us freely.