Tullyn Trading has one of the most comprehensive cable&wire range in the industry, including power, data, control, signal transmission and fire performance cables. We also offer specialist solutions to industries ranging from marine & offshore to railways and solar power generation, mining&tunnel industry, shipbuilding, and repair industry, oil&gas industry, new energy vehicles, and others.

We also offer copper products, earthing products, industrial pump, and valve, welding consumable to meet our customers from the following industrial sectors.

Oil & Gas, Ports, Marine & Offshore, Electrical, Alternate Energy & Power, Infrastructure, Engineering, and Construction

Tullyn can supply both standard UN Portable tank containers, with the capacities range from 10,900litre to 26,000litre, and also wide ranges of special tanks for liquid products transportation and storage.

Tullyn Trading also provide OEM services to our valued customers for who cannot find our products to meet their special industry requirements. In a word, we can offer cables specifically designed and manufactured products to meet the specific performance requirements. Even for the customized products, we ensure that it complies with the relevant national or industry standards.

Our technical team will help you select the right products for your application, or design a customized solution for your specific project.

Tullyn Trading also supply copper products and earthing materials for our valuable customer from all over the world.

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