We have an excellent range of anchors for shipping, offshore and aquaculture in production all available for delivery anywhere in the world. Listed by anchor type are the anchors employed around the world, some of which are hardly used today but can be ordered if required.
Stockless Anchors
Baldt Anchor
Byers Anchor
Gruson Anchor
Hall Anchor Type A, B, C
Klipp Anchor
Moorefast Anchor
Offdrill Anchor
Superior Delta Anchor
Temco Anchor
High Holding Power Anchors HHP Anchors
AC-14 Anchor
AC-14 Fully Balanced Anchor
D’Hone Anchor
Pool Anchor Type N
Pool Anchor Type TW
Plough Anchors
Sandig Anchor
Mushroom Anchor
Offshore and Mooring Anchors
Bruce FFTS Anchor
Bruce SS Anchor
Danforth Anchor
Drag Anchor
LWT Anchor
Union Anchor(JIS Stockless Anchor)
U.S. Navy Anchor
Spek Anchor Type M, Type SR
Other Anchors
Ansaldo Anchor
Flipper Delta Anchor
Heuss Anchor
Hook Anchor
Stevfix Anchor
Stevin Anchor
Stevmud Anchor
Stevpris Anchor
Stevshark Anchor
Stokes Anchor
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