Tank Containers

Tank Containers

Tullyn can supply both standard UN Portable tank containers, with the capacities range from 10,900litre to 26,000litre, and also wide ranges of special tanks for liquid products transportation and storage.

The container is available in working pressures from 4 to 22bar,with optimized units for Nitrogen,Oxygen and Argon as well as more specialized units for co2, Ethylene, Nitrous Oxide and LNG.

With the most advanced manufacturing facilities, technical competence, and a fierce commitment to quality, we strive to be one of the top tank manufacturers in the world.

We also supply 40ft LNG Container with the market-leading capacity of 46,000 liters. Available in working pressures of 6,10 and 17 bar, the container can be used for the transport and storage of LNG with optional designs for site power generation and vehicle refueling.

We are providing our customers with tanks and services of the highest quality and reliability consistent with sound commercial practices and economic considerations. Our maker’s accreditation to ISO 9001 ensures the continuous improvement in quality products and service to our clients.

We are driven to meet and exceed your expectations!

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