H1Z2Z2-K XLPE PV Solar Wire 1KV CE/TUV

H1Z2Z2-K are intended for use in Photovoltaic Power Supply Systems: Indoor and/or outdoor, in industrial and agriculture fields.
Standards: EN50618:2014

H1Z2Z2-K XLPE Photovoltaic Solar Wire 1KV CE/TUV

H1Z2Z2-K XLPE Photovoltaic Solar Wire Application

H1Z2Z2-K TÜV approved solar cable intended for the interconnection within photovoltaic systems such as solar panel arrays.For free movable or fixed installation in photovoltaic installations. The cable may be used indoor, outdoor, in earth (please note the laying instruction), in explosion hazard areas in industry and agriculture. The cable is considered to short-circuit and earth-fault safe.

This cable is specially designed for the connection of photovoltaic panels. This versatile single-conductor cable is designed to meet the varying needs of the solar industry. Highly flexible cable, compatible with all major connectors. Suitable for wet, damp and humid locations.

Being flame protected with a halogen-free fire retardant system with low smoke properties.these cables are designed for safety in case of fire.

H1Z2Z2-K XLPE Photovoltaic Solar Wire Construction

H1Z2Z2-K XLPE Photovoltaic Solar Wire Construction
Conductor material: Bare copper strands Class 5 to IEC 60228
Insulation: electronic beam cross-linked compound
Insulation: electronic beam cross-linked compound,Flame retardant

H1Z2Z2-K XLPE Photovoltaic Solar Wire Technical Data

Rated Voltage U0/U DC: 1,5/1,5 kV;AC: 1,0/1,0 kV
Maximum Permitted Voltage A.C:1,2/1,2 kV
D.C: 1,8/1,8 kV
Voltage Withstand AC 6.5KV DC 15KV for 5 min
Minimum Bending Radius 4×OD (fixed), 15×OD (flexing)
Anticipated Period Of Service 25 years

H1Z2Z2-K XLPE Photovoltaic Solar Wire Thermal Performance

Ambient Temperature fixed installation: -40 °C up to +120 °C (max. conductor temperature according to EN 60216-2)
Installation Temperature flexible: max. -25 °C
Short Circuit Temperature 200℃/5 sec
High-Temperature Pressure Test According to EN 60811-3-1
Damp-Heat Resistance According to EN 50618 Table 2

H1Z2Z2-K XLPE Photovoltaic Solar Wire Chemical&Fire Performance

Ozone Resistance According to EN 50396 part 8.1.3 Method B
Weathering- UV Resistance According to EN 50289-4-17, Method A
Acid & Alkaline Resistance According to EN 50618, Annex B:
Flame retardant According to IEC 60332-1, DIN EN 60332-1-2
Halogen-free According to EN 50267-2-1, IEC 60754-1

H1Z2Z2-K XLPE Photovoltaic Solar Wire Specification

No. of Cores ×Nominal Cross Section No. of Stranding Conductor Diameter Max.D.C Resistance at 20℃
No. ×mm² mm Ω/km
1×1.5 30/0.25 1.57 13.7
1×2.5 49/0.25 2.02 8.21
1×4.0 52/0.30 2.5 5.09
1×6.0 84/0.30 3.3 3.39
1×10 78/0.40 4.25 1.95


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