NGRDGOEU Screened Festoon Control Cable

Application: NGRDGÖEU Festoon Control Cable is intended for container crane trolley power supply, process crane trolleys power supply, cranes in foundries and steel mills, Stackers&Reclaimers, ship unloaders, transport carriers.

NGRDGOEU Screened Festoon Control Cable

NGRDGOEU Rubber Sheathed Festoon Control Cable Application

RONDOFLEX NGRDGOEU Rubber Sheathed Festoon Control Cable, for use on festoon systems machine tools, material handling equipment, associated with high mechanical stresses and frequent bending during operation, also suitable for light duty reeling applications.

NGRDGOEU Rubber Sheathed Festoon Control Cable Construction

Conductor bare Electrolytic copper, finely stranded, class 5
Insulation) High-grade special compound based on high-quality EPR (at least GI3); improved mechanical and electrical characteristics
Shield for individually shielded cores and twisted and shielded pairs Braid screen made of tinned copper wires, transfer impedance optimized at 30 MHz.Surface covered:at least 60%: for individually shielded cores, at least 80%: for twisted and shielded pairs
Core identification Best identification as a result of light-colored insulation with numbers printed in black for power and control cables, earth conductor green/ yellow
Core arrangement Laid-up in a maximum of 3 layers
Inner sheath Basic material EPR, Rubber compound GM 1b Colour: black
Outer sheath High-grade special compound (at least 5GM3); based on PCP; Color: black

NGRDGOEU Rubber Sheathed Festoon Control Cable Code Designation

Code Description
N VDE standard
G rubber insulation
RD round cable
G outer sheath constructed of rubber
Ö oil-resistant sheath material
U outer sheath with low flammability
according to DIN VDE 0472
-J with a green/yellow identification of the earth/ground conductor
-O without a green/yellow identification of the earth/ground conductor

NGRDGÖEU Rubber Sheathed Festoon Control Cable Technical Data

Rated voltage Uo/U = 0.6/1kV
Max permissible operating voltage in AC systems Uo/U = 0.7/1.2kV
Max permissible operating voltage in DC systems Uo/U = 0.9/1.8kV
AC test voltage 2.5 kV over 5 min
Ambient temperature
Fully flexible operation
Fixed installation
-35℃ to +60℃
-50℃ to +80℃
Max permissible operating
temperature of the conductor
Short-circuit temperature of the conductor 250℃
Tensile load Up to 15N/mm2

NGRDGOEU Rubber Sheathed Festoon Control Cable Specification

Number of cores andnominal cross-section conductor diameter Overall diameterof cable(mm) Approx. netweight Maximum permissibletensile force
mm2 mm Min. value Max. value kg/km N
NGRDGOU-J control cables
12×1.5 1.6 16.2 18.2 440 270
18×1.5 1.6 18.7 20.7 615 405
24×1.5 1.6 22.1 24.1 805 540
30×1.5 1.6 23.3 25.3 930 675
36×1.5 1.6 24.6 27.6 1090 810
12×2.5 2 17.9 19.9 580 450
18×2.5 2 21.5 23.5 865 650
24×2.5 2 24 27 1110 900
30×2.5 2 26.4 29.4 1330 1125
36×2.5 2 28.4 31.4 1550 1350

Please noted:

1)Packing in drums or roll, or by customer request.
2)Festoon application it is not recommended to have a cross-section beyond 3×50²!
3)regular delivery time is about 25 working days.for some type cable, delivery time can be expedited within 10~15 working days.

The above specifications are “general specifications” that pertain to the majority of our production. These specifications should only be used for general, informational purposes.All dimensions and specifications are nominal and are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances. All specifications are subject to change without prior notice. All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.


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