Bruce SS Anchor

Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Weight: 600kg~9,000kg
Finish: Blacking Bitumen Painting
Class Certificate: ABS, LR, BV, DNV, GL, NK, KR, IRS, and CCS
Application: Used for mooring system in the offshore field, with the feature of High Stability, Easy Handling, and Good Performance.

Bruce SS Anchor

Bruce SS Anchor Introduction

Marine Bruce SS Anchor is made by Casting Steel. The structure is simple and easy to install, proven high holding power, good stability. The anchors are of high quality and good stability. The weight of the Anchor is 114kgs to 18000kgs.

The Bruce SS type anchor has an “elbowed” shank, allowing deep penetration. It is cast of steel in a one-piece design. Other advantages of the Bruce SS are:

Absolute roll stability
High holding power
Low breakout force
Ultrashort scope capability
High rock hooking
Ease of stowage

The Bruce SS Type Anchor can be supplied with certification from any of the major classification societies.

Bruce SS Anchor Drawing

Bruce SS Anchor Drawing

Bruce SS Anchor Drawing

Bruce SS Type Anchor Specification

Anchor Weight A B C D E
Kg mm mm mm mm mm
600 2020 1130 1370 56 40
1000 2400 1340 1630 64 53
2000 3030 1690 2050 84 61
3000 3460 1930 2350 92 70
6500 4530 2530 3070 125 92
9000 5000 2790 3380 140 92

Please note that the above specifications are “general specifications” that pertain to the majority of our production. These specifications should only be used for general, informational purposes. Subject to change without prior notice. For the actual specification, please check with us when order placed. Classification certification like CCS, DNV, BV, LR, NK, KR, RS shall be provided upon request.


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