Cat5e Marine LAN Cable

Material: Cu/PE/XLPE/CWB/SHF1
Standard: IEC 60092
Application: This Cat5e cable meant for use as horizontal cable in tougher electrical and mechanical environment. It is used for Generic data transmission.

Cat5e Marine LAN Cable

Cat5e Marine LAN Cable Application

This Cat5e cable meant for use as horizontal cable in tougher electrical and mechanical environment. It is used for Generic data transmission.

Cat5e Cable is a cable standard for Gigabit Ethernet and other network protocol, suitable for basic voice and data installations up to 100 MHz. In addition, these cables are with copper wire braid armored & flame retardant mud resistant outer sheath, providing additional mechanical protection still maintaining the flexibility of the cable.

Cable Designation:
Cat5e F/UTP: These cables have collective shielding of aluminum/Polyester tape with drain wire.
Cat5e SF/UTP: These cables have double collective shieldings of aluminum/Polyester tape & copper wire braid with drain wire

Design Guide: IEC 60092-350 and IEC 60092-353
Insulation material: IEC 60092-351, XLPE Sheath material: IEC 60092-359, SHF1
Flame retardant: IEC60332-1 and IEC 60332-3 Category A
Halogen content: IEC60754-1, 0.5%↓ Smoke emission: IEC 61034, 60%↑

Cat5e Marine LAN Cable Construction

Conductors 24AWG solid bare copper
Insulation HDPE
Pairing Two colored insulated conductors twisted together to form a pair.
Bedding Flame retardant, low smoke and halogen-free polyolefin, colored black
Armor 0.2/0.3mm copper wire braid
Sheath Low smoke and halogen-free polyolefin

Cat5e Marine LAN Cable Electrical Data

Attenuation dB/100m
0.772 1.8 67 64 66 63
1 2 65.3 62.3 63.8 60.8 20
4 4.1 56.3 53.3 51.7 48.7 23
8 5.8 51.8 48.8 45.7 42.7 24.5
10 6.5 50.3 47.3 43.8 40.8 25
16 8.2 47.3 44.3 39.7 36.7 25
20 9.3 45.8 42.8 37.7 34.7 25
25 10.4 44.3 41.3 35.8 32.8 24.3
31.25 11.7 42.9 39.9 33.9 30.9 23.6
62.5 17 38.4 35.4 27.8 24.8 21.5
100 22 35.3 32.3 23.8 20.8 20.1

Cat5e Marine LAN Cable Specification

No. of elements×No. of cores in element×Conductor diameter Nominal Insulation Thickness Nominal Inner Sheath Thickness Nominal Outer Sheath Thickness Nominal Overall Diameter Nominal Weight
(mm²) mm mm mm mm kg/km
4×2×0.53 0.2 0.8 1.2 11.2 208

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