Cement tank container

Material: Q345D, 16MnDR
Approval:BV, LR, CCS.
Application:Bitumen transporation

Cement tank container

Cement tank container Introduction

The cement tank container has an ISO 20ft tank container frame, usually has a bulk loading capacity of 22,500-litre. Our cement tank is separated for four purposes: tank containers for cement storage, short-sea, deep-sea shipping and rail transportation.

The tank containers are suitable for the transportation of bulk cement or coal powder by rail, road, and ship. All materials used in the construction shall withstand extremes of temperature range from -19ºC to +80ºC / -2,2ºF to +176ºF without effect on the strength of the container.

All tanks are of the highest quality design and construction and conform strictly to the latest international approvals.

cement tank container

cement tank container

Cement tank container Specification:

Frame Dimensions (L x W x H) 6058 x 2438 x 2591 mm
Nominal Capacity 20000 litre (±0.75%)
Maximum Gross Mass 30480 kgs
Tare Mass 4050 kg (± 3%)
Design Temperature (Frame & Tank) -40 to +130 °C
Pressure Working 4.0 bar
Test 6.0 bar
Material Tank (Shell & Ends) SANS 50028-7 Type 1.4402/1.4404 (C≤0.03%)
Frame SPA-H or equivalent
Insulation Shell Rockwool (50kg/m3) 50mm thick on aluminium foil.
Ends Glasswool (16kg/m3) thickness to suit on aluminium foil.
Steam Heating 6 runs.
110mm width stainless steel 304.
1” BSP inlet, 1” BSP outlet both with captive caps and cable.
4 bar working pressure, 6 bar test with warning decals and markings.
A condensate drain is fitted.
Manhole 500mm low profile, 8 point fixing with Super Tanktyt Lid seal.

Safety Relief

2½” BSP Supermaxi Highflow relive, without flameproof gauze.
Pressure only set at +4.4 bar (63.8psi).
The assembly is situated off centre on a tangential tank pad.
Air Inlet


DN 40 ball valve terminating with 1½” BSP connection and cap.
The assembly is situated off centre on a tangential tank pad.
Top Discharge DN80 stainless steel 316 tank pad with a blind flange.
The assembly is fitted on centre on a horizontal tank pad.
DN80 45° Univalve Internal Footvalve part no. TBC fitted with an integrated butterfly
valve terminating with a 3” BSP spigot with 3” BSP blind cap and chain.
Thermometer A surface mounted analogue type is fitted to the rear end dished end of the tank. Dual
scale -40°C to +160°C / -40°F to 320°F. The thermometer is fitted with a protection bar.
A clear plastic document holder ø110mm is fitted to the rear right hand side beam.
A drain hole is provided at the lowest point.
Calibration A calibration plate marked in cm/litres is fitted on the spillbox side wall.
No calibrated stainless steel grade dipstick and bracket fitted.
Design Code ASME VIII DIV. 1
Approval IMDG, US DOT CFR 49, RID/ADR, CSC, TC, TIR / Customs, UIC, ISO 1496/3

Please note that the above specifications are “general specifications” that pertain to the majority of our products. These specifications should only be used for general, informational purposes. The measurement/size of the goods delivered may be different from the data in the above table, please check with us when order placed.


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