General Offshore Tank Container

Material: Stainless steel, ASTM A240 316 / 316L
Requirement:IMDG, ADR/RID, DNV 2.7-1 & EN12079
T-Code: T4, T7
Application:Safe storage and transportation of a range of products including waste oil

General Offshore Tank Container

General Offshore Tank Container Introduction

The general offshore tank container is approved under IMDG, ADR/RID, DNV 2.7-1 & EN12079. It is designed for the safe storage and transportation of a range of products including waste oil. Our fleet includes T4 and T7 general offshore tanks.

These tanks are designed to meet the rigorous safety requirements of the oil industry and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of customer applications in terms of footprint, height, capacity, ease of access to valves etc.

General Offshore tank container is separated for two transportation purposes: tank containers for liquid chemical products, and storage.

As permitted in the IMDG, ADR/RID for a UN portable Tank Type T11
 (The operator of the vessel must ensure that the commodity carried is listed under the applicable UN Portable Tank instruction and is in no way corrosive to 316/316L Stainless Steel).

All the general offshore tank containers are of the highest quality design and construction and conform strictly to the latest international approvals.

General Offshore Tank container

General Offshore Tank container

General Offshore tank container Specification:

Dimensions (Lx Wx H) 10 x 8 x 8.5FT
Door Opening ( W x H ) 2.208 x 2.234M
Inside Cubic Capacity 14CBM
Maximum Gross Weight 10340kg
Tare Weight 2220kg
Maximum Payload 8120kg
Allowable Stacking Weight 50800kg
Working Pressure 4.0 bar
Test Pressure 6.0 bar
Steam Working Pressure 4.0 bar
Steam Test Pressure 6.0 bar
Relief Valve Set Pressure 4.4 bar
Design Temp. Range -40°C to +50°C
Maximum Cargo Temp 50°C
Shell Material Stainless steel, ASTM A240 316 / 316L low carbon <0.03% DIN 17441 w1.4401. Cold rolled shell 2B finish. Thickness nominal 4.4mm shell +0.1 corrosion allowance, 5.0 b/f forming ends, and equivalent 6mm mild steel in accordance with regulations.
Design Code / Approvals ASME VIII DIV 1., IMDG, ADR/RID, DNV 2.7-1, EN 12079.
Standard Fittings:
Manlid 1 x 460mm – 6 point fastening with TIR provision. c/w Swing bolts.
Vent Connection 3⁄4” BSP vent connection consisting of 3/4” BSP Weld in socket c/w 3⁄4” 316 S/S BSP elbow, 3⁄4” S/S Barrel nipple, 3⁄4” BSP Ball valve c/w a BSP Cap
Relief Valve 1 x 2 1⁄2” Super Maxi Highflow pressure-vacuum relief valve, c/w flame gauze, Set pressure 4.4 bar, Set vacuum 0.21 bar.
Vent Connection 3⁄4” BSP vent connection consisting of 3/4” BSP Weld in socket c/w 3⁄4” 316 S/S BSP elbow, 3⁄4” S/S Barrel nipple, 3⁄4” BSP Ball valve c/w a BSP Cup removable full-length syphon tube.
Top Lid One piece and made from mild steel galvanized grating.
Bottom Discharge Outlet 1 x 3” 45 Deg High-Lift Bottom Outlet Assembly, c/w 2” Ball-valve and 2” BSP Outlet Flange c/w 1 x 3⁄4” sample valve c/w extension pipe, 3⁄4” ball valve, c/w cap and chain.
Gaskets & Seals Parts in contact with cargo, PTFE/Teflon.
Paydes ∅29 mm hole for 8.5-tonne shackle (Designed for 45-degree Sling angle).
Slings Included
Document Holder 2” carbon steel tube, 250 mm long welded to Cradle and fitted with rubber cap with captivating wire.
Earthing Point Earth located at the rear, 2 off Earthing boss, 316L Stainless with M16 thread.
Data Plate / Markings To code and TIR requirements. (to be located on Bottom Outlet side of Tank)
Forklift Pockets 250mm x 150mm x 8mm Carbon Steel, with 1164mm between centers, c/w slots
Walkway / Grating To adequately cover all exposed fittings and thereby prevent slings or chains snagging per DNV 2.7-1. Made from mild steel galvanized grating.
Lader Located on outlet end, RHS. Anti-slip paint or tape applied to top surfaces of rungs.
Temperature Gauge 80mm dia dual scale -20°C to 100°C / 0 to 200°F
Level Gauge Available upon request.

General offshore tank container of the following capacity is available upon request.

Capacity:1500L 3100L 4000L 4800L 5000L 7500L 8000L 20000L

Please note that the above specifications are “general specifications” that pertain to the majority of our products. These specifications should only be used for general, informational purposes. The measurement/size of the goods delivered may be different from the data in the above table, please check with us when order placed.


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