20ft UN T14 Phosphor Tank Container

Capacity: 17.5m3
Working Pressure: 2.65Bar;
Certificate; CCS/LR/BV
Design Code: ASME VIII Div 1
Design Approvals: IMDG T3, ADR/RID, CSC, TIR, ISO, UIC, US/UK DOT

20ft UN T14 Phosphor Tank Container

20ft UN T14 Phosphor Tank Container Introduction

The Phosphor Tank container is designed to comply with the requirements of IMDG Code, aiming at transportation and stock yellow Phosphor and phosphoric acid solution. This Phosphor Tank is made of stainless steel or carbon steel with lining and fitted with heated insulation system.

All tanks are of the highest quality design and construction and conform strictly to the latest international approvals.

20ft UN T14 Phosphor Tank Container Specification

Ext. Length 6,058mm
Ext. Height 2,591mm
Ext. Width 2,438mm
Tare 4,500Kgs
M.G.W. 30,480Kgs
Max. Payload 25,980Kgs
Cubic Capacity 17.5m³
Max. Design Pressure 2.65bar
Testing Pressure 4.0bar
Tank Body Dia. 2,000mm
Manhole Dia. 450mm
Tank Design Standard ASME-VIII-1&GB150-98
Design Operating Temp. -20 ~ +120°C
Tank Body Material 1Cr18Ni9Ti/ 316L/ 316 or carbon steel with lining
Tank Body Thickness 6.0mm
Stacking 192,000kgs
Roof Discharging Valve DN80 ball valve
Charging Valve DN50 ball valve
N 2 Outlet Valve 1.5″ ball valve
Pressure Relief Valve 2.5″ relief valve, pressure /vacuum
N 2 Inlet Valve 1.5″ ball valve
Charging Inlet Dia. 250mm on top manhole
Thermograph Thermocouple Thermograph 0~120 °C
Heating System
Design Pressure 4.0bar
Testing Pressure 6.0bar
Seam Inlet/Outlet 3/ 4″ with cover
Heating Area 7.5mm2
Thermal Insulation Layer 50mmthick rock-wool covered with 0.8mm thick zinc-plated plate or stainless steel plate

Please note that the above specifications are “general specifications” that pertain to the majority of our products. These specifications should only be used for general, informational purposes. The measurement/size of the goods delivered may be different from the data in the above table, please check with us when order placed.


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