GGTURP High Flexible Energy Chain Bus Cable

Material: Cu/TPEE/Nylon Wire/PUR/TCWB/PUR
Application: GGTURP High Flexible Energy Chain Bus Cable is specially designed for continuous reciprocated movement where requires tight bending radii.

GGTURP High Flexible Energy Chain Bus Cable

GGTURP High Flexible Energy Chain Bus Cable Application

This GGTURP High Flexible Energy Chain Bus Cable is designed for continuous movement. And this bus cable is especially used where requires tight bending radii. This cable is used as signal cables on machines, portable tools, conveying equipment or similar industrial applications where requires EMC screened cable.

Its Extremely robust PUR outer sheath makes it high abrasion and tear resistant and high resistance to mineral oils and coolant emulsions. This highly flexible energy chain bus cable copper wire braided screen prevents it from external interference. This bus cable has an extra long service life and it is UV resistant, Flame retardant, High oil resistant. This bus cable is especially resistant to coolant emulsions, solvents, acids, alkalis and hydraulic liquidity.

Its extra high flexibility is suitable for continuous reciprocated movement. Also, Its PUR sheath is heat and chemical resistant, High abrasion and tear resistance.This bus cable can be used in EMC compatible glands Ozone, hydrolysis and conditionally microbe resistant.

GGTURP High Flexible Energy Chain Bus Cable Construction

GGTURP High Flexible Energy Chain Bus Cable Consturction
Conductor Annealed fine plain electrolytic copper wire stranded EXTRA HIGH flexibility to VDE 0295/IEC60228 Class 6
Insulation Special TPEE Compound
Reinforced element Nylon wire
inner Sheath PUR Compound
Shield Tinned copper braid 85% minimum coverage
Outer Sheath PUR Compound

Code design

Cable for Port machinery G
Reinforced G
For Motor systems T
PUR Sheath U
Flexible Conductors R
Shield P

GGTURP High Flexible Energy Chain Bus Cable Technical Data

Rated Voltage Uo/U 300/300v
Conductor long-term working temperature 100℃
Min.Working temperature -35℃
Test Voltage 1.5kV/5min
Min.Bending radius 6OD
Sheath Color Black

GGTURP High Flexible Energy Chain Bus Cable Specification

Nominal cross section mm2 Construction mm Nom.OD of cable mm Max. OD of cable mm Ref. weight of cable(Kg/km)
4×2×0.5 4×2×16/0.20 13.0 14.5 220
6×2×0.5 6×2×16/0.20 15.0 16.7 260
4×2×1 4×2×32/0.20 16.5 18.0 335
6×2×1 6×2×32/0.20 19.5 21.5 437

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the above specifications are “general specifications” that pertain to the majority of our production. Specifications and technical details should only be used for general, informational purposes. For the actual specification, please check with us when order placed.


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