Incoloy 825 Ni-Fe-Cr Alloy Welding Wire

Specifications: UNS N08825  Werkstoff Nr. 2.4858
Applications: Incoloy 825 Typical applications include phosphoric acid evaporators, pickling equipment, chemical processing vessels and piping, equipment for recovery of spent nuclear fuel, propeller shafts, tank trucks and so on.

Incoloy 825 Ni-Fe-Cr Alloy Welding Wire

Incoloy 825 Ni-Fe-Cr Alloy Welding Wire Introduction

Incoloy 825 is Nickel-Iron-Chromium alloy with additions of Molybdenum and Copper. It has excellent resistance to a wide range of corrosive environments and intergranular sensitization, both reducing and oxidizing acids, to stress-corrosion cracking and to localized pitting and crevice corrosion. It is also especially resistant to sulphuric and phosphoric acids.

Incoloy 825 has exceptional resistance to seawater and to reducing chemicals, such as sulfuric and phosphoric acids. Because it is stabilized against sensitization, Incoloy 825 resists intergranular corrosion. This alloy contains sufficient nickel to make it resistant to chloride stress-corrosion cracking. Its molybdenum content provides resistance to pitting. Its chromium content provides resistance to oxidizing media, such as nitric acid, nitrates, and oxidizing salts.

Incoloy 825 is also known as Nicrofer 4221, Superimphy 82 and Ferrochronin 825.

Any traditional welding procedures can be used to weld Incoloy 825 to similar alloys or other metals, such as gas tungsten arc welding(GTAW), plasma arc welding (PAW), metal inertia gas welding (MIG) and so on. Before welding, remove scale, grease, mark, and imprint.

Recommend filler wire regarding welding Incoloy 825: ERNiCrMo-3 or ERNiFeCr-1.

Incoloy 825 Ni-Fe-Cr Alloy Welding Wire Specification

Standard Incoloy 825
UNS N08825
BS NA 16
EN NiCr21Mo

Incoloy 825 Ni-Fe-Cr Alloy Welding Wire Typical Chemical Composition

Element %
Ni 38-46
Cr 19.5-23.5
Mo 2.5-3.5
Fe Bal.
Al Max 0.2
Ti 0.6-1.2
C Max 0.05
Mn Max 1.0
Si Max 0.5
Cu 1.5-3.0
P Max 0.02
S Max 0.03

Incoloy 825 Ni-Fe-Cr Alloy Welding Wire Physical Properties

Density 8.14 g/cm³ 0.294 lb/in³
Melting Point 1400°C 2550°F
Coefficient of Expansion 14.0 μm/m °C (20 – 100°C) 7.8 x 10-6 in/in °F (70 – 212°F)
Modulus of Rigidity 75.9 kN/mm² 11009 ksi
Modulus of Elasticity 196 kN/mm² 28428 ksi

Incoloy 825 Ni-Fe-Cr Alloy Welding Wire Typical Mechanical Properties

Heat Treatment Tensile Strength Yield Strength σp0.2/MPa Elongation σ5 /% Brinell Hardness
Solution Treatment 550 N/mm² 250 N/mm² 35% ≥200

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