USE-2 600V PV Wire for Solar Usage

Application: USE-2 600V PV Wire is suitable for all solar wiring solutions as interconnection wiring of grounded photovoltaic power systems.

Standards: UL4703, UL VW-1, UL854

USE-2 600V PV Wire for Solar Applications

USE-2 600V PV Wire for Solar Applications

USE-2 PV wire a single conductor, cross-linked polyethylene (XLP/XLPE) Type of solid or stranded bare annealed copper. The insulation material is sunlight resistant and is designed to operate at up to 600 V.

Tough insulation that’s heat, moisture, oil and gasoline resistant, withstands high temperatures and harsh conditions, and its black insulation resists ultraviolet sunlight very well, and can, therefore, be used with no issue in outside applications.

Our USE-2 is produced to the following specifications and requirements:

UL listed Type USE-2 600V; Type PV 600V;

UL Standard 854: Standard for Safety for Service Entrance Cables.

UL Standard 4703: Outline of Investigation for Photovoltaic Wire, PV Wire.

meets cold bend test at -40°C; UL sunlight resistant; UL VW-1 flame resistant.

ASTM B3 – Standard specification for soft or annealed copp er wire.

ASTM B8 – Standard specification for concentric lay stranded copper conductors; hard, medium and soft.

RoHS compliant.

Available Products

  • Sizes #14 through 1/0 AWG
  • Solid or Stranded
  • Up to 12 color options for all sizes
  • Standard insulation is XLP, with XLP-VW-1 available when needed
  • Standard product operates up to 600 V, with 1000 V (1kV) and 2000 V (2kV) RHW-2 capacity options available when needed

USE-2 600V PV Wire Construction

USE-2 600V PV Wire Construction
Conductor material: Stranded bare copper or tinned copper, electrical Property & Structure in accordance with JIS C 3102 and JIS C 3152 flexible conductor
Insulation: LSZH electron-beam cross-linked Polyolefin copolymer, ROHS material
Sheath: XLPE, Sheath color : Black

USE-2 600V PV Wire Technical Data

Rated Voltage U 600V
Test Voltage U 18-10 awg ,U0=3000v ,50hz,1min
8-2 awg .Uo=3500v ,50hz ,1min
1-4   awg ,Uo=4000v ,50hz, 1 min
Bending Radius Fixed installation>4D; Occasional moved>5D
Rated Temperature -40 Degree to +90 Degree
Relative permittivity UL 854
Cold bend test UL 854
Flame retardance: UL 1581 VW-1
Stability factor UL 854

USE-2 600V PV Wire Specification

UL Section
Structure Jacket
Weight Allow
AWG mm2 mm kg / 100M A / mm2 Ω/km
14 2.08 41/0.254 TC 4.2 3.2 27 9.07
13 2.5 49/0.254 TC 4.3 3.6 29.6 7.35
12 3.3 65/0.254 TC 4.6 4.5 35.9 5.71
11 4 56/0.30TC 4.9 5.2 39.4 4.6
10 5.3 75/0.30 TC 5.3 6.6 47.5 3.59
9 6 84/0.30 TC 5.5 7.3 49.7 3.06


200m/roll or 250m/roll (As requested) Outer packing: 8 rolls/carton or 4 rolls/carton
Photographs are not to scale and do not represent detailed images of the respective products.


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