YSLTOE Spreader Basket Cable 300/500V

Material: Cu/PVC/Aramid Braid/PU
Application: YSLTOE Spreader Basket Cable is used for load ­lifting equipment, e.g. spreader with high mechanical stress in gravity fed collector basket operation.

YSLTOE Spreader Basket Cable 300/500V

YSLTOE Spreader Basket Cable 300/500V Application

YSLTOE Cable is mainly be used on the latest generations of high-speed container cranes with gravity-fed collector baskets. They combine the features of superior flexibility with additional ballast needed to operate at speeds of up to 160 meters/min (8.75 ft/sec).

YSLTOE Spreader Feeder cable is used for load ­lifting equipment, e.g. spreader with high mechanical stress in gravity fed collector basket operation. Installation of the cable must be laid into the basket in a counter ­clockwise direction – detailed instructions are available on request.

YSLTOE Spreader Basket Cable Construction

Conductor: Bare Electrolytic copper, extremely fine stranded, class FS. DIN VDE 0295
Insulation: Basic material PVC
Insulation compound YI 2. DIN VDE 0295
Core identification: Black insulation with light­ printed numbers
Protective­ earth conductor – green/ yellow
Core assembly: Cores laid­ up into bundles
Bundle assembly: Bundles laid­ up around the central support element
Support element: Aramide threads woven round lead ball cords, arranged centrally. The breaking load is rated to provide a safety factor of 5 when the cable is suspended vertically for 50 m.
Outer sheath: PU Compound 11YM1
Sheath Colour: Black

YSLTOE Spreader Basket Cable 300/500V Technical Data

Rated Voltage: Uo/U = 300/500 V
AC Test Voltage: 2.0 kV, 5 min
Current Carrying Capacity: According to DIN VDE 0298, Part4
Ambient Temperature: Fully Flexible Operation : ­ 20 °C to + 60 °C
Fixed installation: -20 °C to + 60 °C
Max. operating temperature of the conductor: 70 °C
Max.permissible short ­circuit temperature of the conductor 150 °C
Tensile Load: Increased tensile load through additional support elements
Hoist Travel Speed: Up to 160 m/min
Basket design Dimensions depending on the system
Weather resistance Unrestricted use outdoors and indoors, resistant to ozone, UV and moisture

YSLTOE Spreader Basket Cable 300/500V Specification

Number of cores and nominal cross-section Min.Overall Diameter of cable Max.Overall Diameter of cable Approx. net weight(kg/km)
24 x 2.5 28.1 31.1 1600
30 x 2.5 31.6 33.1 2010
36 x 2.5 35.1 36.5 2330
42 x 2.5 37.5 38.8 3020
48 x 2.5 42.3 43.3 3420
54 x 2.5 46.7 47.5 3460
20 x 3.5 30.3 33.3 2000
24 x 3.5 31.5 33 2060
30 x 3.5 34.9 37.9 2610
36 x 3.5 38.7 39.9 3300
42 x 3.5 43.4 44.4 4170


  • Further numbers of cores and cross-section upon request
  • Integrated BUS system cable
  • Integrated Optical Fiber Elements
  • Special cold resistant compound.
  • Photographs are not to scale and do not represent detailed images of the respective products.


Please noted:

1)Packing in drums or roll, or by customer request.
2)Festoon application it is not recommended to have a cross-section beyond 3×50²!
3)regular delivery time is about 25 working days.for some type cable, delivery time can be expedited within 10~15 working days.

The above specifications are “general specifications” that pertain to the majority of our production. These specifications should only be used for general, informational purposes.All dimensions and specifications are nominal and are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances. All specifications are subject to change without prior notice. All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.


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