AWS A5.6 ECu Welding Rod Exported to the EU

Receive Inquiry for ECu Rod

In July, We received an inquiry about ECu copper welding rod. The customer need Electrodes Ecu ( SME 01) diam. 3,2 and 4,0 – 500 kg per diam this time.

After checking with the customer, we offered our best for the product AWS A5.6 ECu rod within 24 hours when we get the confirmation. The customer need FOB offer and firstly, they need some sample for the quality control team to test. If the test goes well, they will have their approval to proceed the purchase procedure. The customer said so.

Accordingly, we managed to send 5 nos of rod for their test. With the sincere to work with the valued customer, we send the sample free of charge, and the courier is on our part, too. Also, the customer asked the inspection certificata to check the composition and mechnical properity.

ECu Inspection Certificate

ECu Inspection Certificate

About 3 months later, the customer informed us to update the offer for 500 kg of Ecu diam. 4,0 * 450 and 500 kg 3,2 * 350. Frankly, despite the copper price increased a lot, we still managed to keep the offer valid for this much long.

Generally, our packing is 5kg per box, 4 boxes in one carton. The copper rod printed text T107 in our standard. The customer need to customize the print and the package. They need to print ECu and they need 2kg per box, 20kg per carton. We checked with our production department, found these request can be fulfilled, only the delivery time would be longer since it is different from our common product.

ECu Printing

ECu Printing

For Our common printing and packing, the delivery time can be as short as 3 days upon the payment. We only need some time to prepare. But for the customized printing and package, we will need around 15 days for brand new products, at least 10 days.

Obtain Order from Customer and Arrange the Production

Given that our sample meets the client’s requirements and our commercial offer is very much low, the client decided to buy from us. The rest is very smooth. We get the full payment just 2 days after we send the final proforma Invoice to the customer.

As we said, we arranged the production and delivery within 10 days upon payment. When the production finished, we send the package and printing for the client approval.

We usually used red plastic case for the package, while the client need it neutral white cardboard box. In fact, the white cardboard box is only for cheap welding materials and only for domestic application since it is not designed for overseas shipping since the cardboard box is not strong and the welding rod inside may be damaged when shipping.

At last, the client accept our package and we delivered the order to the client’s forwarder in Tianjin, China. We prepared all the documents for exporting and the whole procedure goes well.

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