Lead covered copper strip delivered to Qatar

Received Lead covered copper tape inquiry In Feb 2020, we received an inquiry about the lead covered copper tape 25*3mm, the customer need 3000meters of this product and the lead thicnkness is 2.0mm. The customer is said to be an Electrical Industrial Solutions provider in Qatar catering the needs of Middle East, African sub continent and reaching the rest of the World. We have supplied this type of product to this customer in 2017. The customer need this product for now, they were ... Read more

Dehumidifier DH-520C Exported to Taiwan

Recently, we received an inquiry about Condenser dryer Frigidaire FD618CVM (DH-520C) x 40 pc. The buyer is an older customer of our company. This time, they need these dehumidifiers for an offshore wind farm in Taiwan to protect the transition piece and the installed electrical devices from the increased humidity in the air from relative ventilation moisture and uncontrolled water condensation. The client requested the Dehumidifier capacity at 20liters per day at 30 Celcius degree and 80% RH. The technical details as ... Read more


Recently, we received one inquiry about 20 units of bilge&blast pumps 80CWZ-14. The customer needs it to ship to the Netherlands. The customer is claimed to be a highly driven company with many years of experience in the field of supplying technical spare parts in the shipping industry, which was founded on the 1st of March 2010. Usually, we do not have stock for these pumps, but the time to produce these products is very short only around 10 days. After ... Read more

Lead Covered Copper Wire Exported To Kazakhstan

Receive Inquiry for lead-covered copper wire On Oct 18th, 2018, we received an inquiry from a client in Kazakhstan. The customer is a wholesaler in Atyrau for varies of earthing products. While the inquiry is about lead covered copper wire used for earthing application. They requested a lead-covered copper wire with a cross-section area of 185mm2. They also send us some pictures for reference. Sample from the Client After seeing the photos sent by customers, we are sure that we can produce and provide ... Read more

Why you need the Tank container?

When it comes to transport or store liquid products like alcohol, milk, oil, or any other chemical products, the common dry cargo containers cannot be used. In this case, we might have to use the tank containers to ship or store. Usually, Tank containers are special containers that are manufactured for the transport of liquid goods such as foods, pharmaceuticals, and chemical products. When loading, the goods enter from the top loading hole of the tank, when unloading, the goods flow out ... Read more


Code Minimum Test Pressure Minimum Shell Thickness Pressure Relief Provisions Bottom Opening Provisions T1 1.5 bar 5 mm if D < 1.80 m or6 mm if D >1.80 Normal (no bursting disc required) 2 shut-off devices T2 1.5 bar 5 mm if D <1.80 m or6 mm if D >1.80 Normal (no bursting disc required) 3 shut-off devices T3 2.65 bar 5 mm if D < 1.80 m or 6 mm if D >1.80 Normal (no bursting disc required) 2 shut-off devices T4 2.65 bar 5 mm if D < 1.80 m or 6 mm if D >1.80 Normal (no bursting disc required) 3 shut-off ... Read more