Lead Covered Copper Wire Exported To Kazakhstan

Receive Inquiry for lead-covered copper wire

On Oct 18th, 2018, we received an inquiry from a client in Kazakhstan. The customer is a wholesaler in Atyrau for varies of earthing products. While the inquiry is about lead covered copper wire used for earthing application. They requested a lead-covered copper wire with a cross-section area of 185mm2. They also send us some pictures for reference.

Sample from the Client

After seeing the photos sent by customers, we are sure that we can produce and provide such grounding materials. Usually, the common lead thickness is from 1.5mm to 2.0mm, depends on the cross-section area. For 185mm2 the client requested, the normal thickness is 1.8mm. While the client does not provide the exact technical details of the product, we recommend the normal ones for the client to consider. As the client only needs 170 meters, and our MOQ is 500 meters for such a product, the client takes a much longer time to consider.

Finally, after about six-month when we send the client our technical data sheet and commercial offer, the client contacted and told us they want to buy this product. Usually, our offer does not valid for this long. But for this offer, the copper price happens to be nearly the same as the last time we offered. So we tell the client the offer is still valid and we are good to go when we get the payment.

Obtain the order for 500meters of Lead-covered copper wire

Because of the competitive price and short delivery of 20 days, the customer placed the purchasing order to our company, while the customer used to buy from a supplier with almost 3 months of delivery time. Our short delivery time is a huge time saver for those need the earthing products urgently.

In fact, due to the customer’s internal process, we received the customer’s purchase order 10 days after the customer said that they wanted to purchase. The lucky part is the payment is smooth. We received the purchase order on May 13th and the payment on the 15th. This is really very fast.

When we received the full payment for the order, we arranged the production immediately. After 20 days of production, we finally finished the production.

Lead covered copper wire C.S.A 185mm2

While the customer destination is Atyrau, an inland city. We will need to ship on the train. Fortunately, we have the forwarder to help to ship the order to Kazakhstan. We have two options for the customer, Shipping to Atyrau or to Almaty. Shipping to Almaty is cheaper than Atyrau.

The client agreed to ship the order to Almaty so we booked shipping with the forwarder the moment we almost finished the order.

Lead covered copper wire 185mm2 Drum Packing

Shipping 500 meters lead covered copper wire

Considering the jam in Lianyungang, we book the shipping 10 working days advance. Unluckily, We still can not ship our valued customer’s order on time. It is not like the sea shipping, you can swift to another shipping company. For train transportation, the only thing we can do is to wait in line. Fortunately, we only wait about one week before our order departure.

The customer requests a commercial invoice, packing list and certificate of origin for the Customs Declaration in Almaty. And they asked 3 origins for each document. We prepared the documents according to customer request. It took us about 4 working days to prepare the certificate of origin certified by the Chamber of Commerce. Once get all the requested documents, we send it to our customer by DHL.

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