CWF Type Marine horizontal crushing pump

CWF marine horizontal crushing pump system open impeller centrifugal pump discharge, for temperatures below 85 degrees Celsius in the soft dirt sewage crushing and conveying. The larger particle circulation after crushing the size of not more than 5mm and it is also suitable for marine low-temperature solidification crushing, easy to spray.

CWF Type Marine horizontal crushing pump

CWF Type Marine horizontal crushing pump Application

CWF Series marine horizontal crushing pump is a centrifugal pump with an open impeller, used in the sewage treatment of the temperature below 85 degrees Celsius. The lower diameter of the larger solid particles after being crushed by the cycle is not more than 5mm and is also suitable for low-temperature solidification and pulverization of marine heavy oil.

There is a blade in the impeller and the pump inlet to crush contaminants in sewage, the back surface of the impeller with a short blade, the axial force generated by the balance of the pump.

The seal of CWF ship with crushing pump with double skeleton oil seal, the pressure oil filling cup on the pump body can be regularly added to the lubricating oil. B type pump with mechanical seal.

CWF ship crushed between the pump body is connected with the 1:5 over 4 studs with taper strong to the inspection of the pump can easily be removed when the pump discharge, while the body is not exposed to dirt, the connection with the 0 type rubber sealing ring.

CWF marine horizontal crushing pump motor directly connected with the pump body, the direction of the pump from the direction of the suction pump is clockwise.

the pump is widely used in light industry, paper making, textile, food, chemicals, power industry, mining, boats, urban sewage drainage and aquatic culture.

CWF Type Marine horizontal crushing pump Specification

Type flow
rale m3/h
pump weight
Inlet Pipe Diameter
Outlet Pipe Diameter
0.5CWF-8 5 0.08 0.75 50 32
0.5CWF-10 5 0.10 1.1 50 32
0.5CWF-15B 5 0.15 1.1 50 32
0.5CWF-20B 5 0.20 1.5 50 32
0.5CWF-25B 5 0.25 2.2 50 32
0.5CWF-30B 5 0.30 3.0 50 32
1CWF-11 10 0.11 1.5 65 32
1CWF-20B 10 0.20 3.0 65 50
1CWF-25B 10 0.25 4.0 65 50
1CWF-30B 10 0.30 5.5 65 50
1.5CWF-20B 15 0.20 3.0 65 50
1.5CWF-25B 15 0.25 4.0 65 50
2CWF-11B 20 0.11 2.2 65 40
2CWF-20B 20 0.20 4.0 65 40
2CWF-30B 20 0.30 7.5 65 50
3CWF-10 30 0.10 4.0 65 50

Please note that the above specifications are “general specifications” that pertain to the majority of our production. These specifications should only be used for general, informational purposes. For the actual specification, please check with us when order placed. Classification certification like CCS, DNV, BV, LR, NK, KR, RS shall be provided upon request.


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