H05VVH6-F Elevator Flat Control Cable

Material: Cu/PVC/PVC
Application: H05VVH6-F is power and control flat cables can be used on festoon systems for handling equipment e.g. overhead cranes. Specially designed for indoor and outdoor applications.

H05VVH6-F Elevator Flat Control Cable

H05VVH6-F Elevator Control Flat Cable Application

H05VVH6-F Elevator Flat Control Cable is mainly used as a trailing cable for crane installations, floor conveyor systems, elevator control cables, shelf control units and in supply lines for moving machine parts.  The flat construction allows these cables to be stacked for applications where space is at a minimum and require smaller bending radius over that of round cables.

This cable is suitable for installations in dry and damp rooms. The outer PVC jacket is extensively resistant to oil, fat, acid and lye.

The cable uses a special structure design and has a long service life. It can provide the overall electrical control under a longer length of the suspension and can withstand greater mechanical shock stress. The product with steel wire is optional to bear cable core and can be for the long-distance flying occasion.

The flat construction is particularly suitable for use in overhead crane and material handling systems and for applications where space is limited.

H05VVH6-F Elevator Flat Control Cable Construction

Conductor: Flexible plain copper
Stranding: According to VDE 0295, class 5, IEC 60228
Insulation: PVC
Core Marking: Up to 5 cores color coded in accordance to VDE 0293;7 and more cores number coded with a green/yellow earth
Outer Sheath: Black PVC

H05VVH6-F Elevator Flat Control Cable Technical Data

Working voltage 300/500 V
Test voltage 2KV
Bending radius 10 × cable Ø
Flexing temperature – 5ºC to + 70ºC
Static temperature -40ºC to +70ºC
Flame retardant test class B according to VDE 0472 part 804, IEC 60332-1
Insulation resistance 20 MΩ x km

H05VVH6-F Elevator Flat Control Cable Specification

No. of Cores x Nominal Nominal Conductor Nominal Thickness Nominal Overall Nominal
Cross-Sectional Area Diameter of Insulation Diameter Weight
# x mm² mm mm mm kg/Km
4 x 0.75 1.2 0.6 4.2 x 12.6 90
8x 0.75 1.2 0.6 4.2 x 23.2 175
12x 0.75 1.2 0.6 4.2 x 33.8 260
18x 0.75 1.2 0.6 4.2 x 50.2 380
24x 0.75 1.2 0.6 4.2 x 65.6 490
4 x 1.00 1.4 0.7 4.4 x 13.4 105
5×1.00 1.4 0.7 4.4 x 15.5 120
8 x 1.00 1.4 0.7 4.4 x 24.8 205
12x 1.00 1.4 0.7 4.4 x 36.2 300
18x 1.00 1.4 0.7 4.4 x 53.8 450
24x 1.00 1.4 0.7 4.4 x 70.4 590

Note: The above specifications are “general specifications” that pertain to the majority of our production. These specifications should only be used for general, informational purposes.All dimensions and specifications are nominal and are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances. All specifications are subject to change without prior notice. All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.


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