NTMTWOEU Mining Hoist Cable 0.6/1KV

Material: Cu/EPR/Support Element/Anti-torsion/PCP
Voltage: 0.6/1kv
APPLICATION: NSSHOEU / NSSHÖU is intended for the connection of mobile equipment, motors, and machines when exposed to extreme mechanical strain. Suitable for use in moist and dry rooms and for outdoor and fixed surface installation in tunneling, in mining, quarries, etc.

NTMTWOEU Underground Mine Hoist Cable 600/1000V

NTMTWOEU Underground Mine Hoist Cable 600/1000V Application

This NTMTWOEU flexible rubber-sheathed cables as traveling cable for intrinsically safe control and telephone connections in user-operated mine hoists (lifts) in underground mines.

This cables can be operated as self-supported cables at up to 200 meters in length with a 5x safety factor.

This Flexible Mining Cable is produced as per VDE 0250 Part 813 Standards.

NTMTWOEU 600/1000V Underground Mine Hoist Cables Construction

Conductors Flexible stranded tinned copper conductor, class 5 according to DIN VDE 0295/IEC60228.
Insulation EP Rubber type 3GI3.
Support Element Central steel support element.
Anti-torsion Braid Textile braid.
Outer Sheath PCP rubber type 5GM5.

NTMTWOEU 600/1000V Underground Mine Hoist Cables Specification

Number of Cores×Nominal Cross Section MinimumOverall Diameter MaximumOverall Diameter NominalWeight
No.×mm² mm mm kg/km
8×2.5ST+2x1FM(C) 21.7 23.7 800
8×2.5ST+10x (2x1FM)C 34.0 37.5 1450
14×2.5ST+6x1FM(C) 27.0 31.0 1200
18×2.5ST+6x1FM(C) 38.0 42.0 1800
19×1.5(C)ST+6x (2x1FM)C 35.1 38.1 2145


Further numbers of cores and cross-section upon request
Integrated BUS system cable
Integrated Optical Fiber Elements
Special cold resistant compound.
Photographs are not to scale and do not represent detailed images of the respective products.

Please note that the above specifications are “general specifications” that pertain to the majority of our production. These specifications should only be used for general, informational purposes. Subject to change without prior notice. For the actual specification, please check with us when order placed.


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