Swapbody Tank Container

Capacity: Up to 35,000 ltr
T-Code: T4–T14
Designed Temp: -40°C to +65°C
Standards: EN14025, IMDG, RID/ADR UIC, CSC, TIR
Application: swapbody tank containers is used for transporting food stuff or non-food (chemical) products with additional heating elements (steam or electrical heating)

Swapbody Tank Container

Swapbody Tank Container Introduction

The swap body tank container allows transport at larger volumes. The swap body tank container is an IMO 1 or IMO 4 container with a capacity range between 30.000 and 35.000 liters. This tank container is ideal for intermodal transport. We offer swap body tank containers for food stuff or non-food (chemical) products with additional heating elements (steam or electrical heating), with or without baffle plates to allow for partial loading and with a remote-operated airline improving safe working. Other safety-related fittings or connections improving the operational flexibility can also be attached.

Vessel Materials: stainless steel or carbon steel (other specialist materials e.g. titanium or Hastelloy available on request)

Multi-compartment and baffled tank configurations

Various internal finishes, up to 800 grit, electro-polished

Vessel linings in PTFE, PFA, rubber, plastic, resin etc.

Specialised heating and cooling systems to match product requirements, available as liquid (glycol, water or oil), steam or electric blanket systems

Rockwool, polyurethane or tank lite insulation

Coloured GRP, pre-painted aluminum or stainless steel cladding

Other capacities and options available on request

Swapbody Tanks allow for the transportation of larger volumes of cargo up to 35,000L. Features include:

  • Bottom discharge with 3 closures
  • Steam heating and insulation
  • Ladder and walkway
  • 500 mm manway
  • Top discharge provision
  • 3 cleaning hatches
  • Bottom outlet protective housing

Swapbody Tank Container Specification

Tank Type Type UN T11 portable, 7820mm long x 2550mm wide x 2670mm high. Insulated, steam heated, with bottom side rails
Frame Dimensions 7820mm X 2550mm X 2670mm (L X W X H)
Capacity 35,000 Litres +/- 2%
M.G.W. 36,000 kg
Tare (est.) 4,400 kg +/- 3%
Max Payload 31,600 kg
Working Pressure 4 Bar
Test Pressure 6 Bar
Design Temp -40°C to +130°C
Vessel Material SANS 50028-7 WNr 1.4402/1.4404 (C<0.03%), equivalent to 316L Shell: Cold Rolled 2B finish Dished ends: Internally polished to 1.2 Micron CLA
Shell Thickness 4.4 mm
Ends Thickness(B.F) 5.32 mm (after forming)
Corrosion Allowance 0.2 mm
External Pressure 0.41 bar
Main Frame Material GB/T 1591 – Q345D
Baffle material No fitted
Corner castings To ISO 1161 Top: tank fitted with four ISO standard castings, width over casting: 2438mm. Obstruction plates welded in side facing apertures to prevent use. Bottom: 8 off Chamfered Overland castings, 4 fitted at front offset 20’ position, width over casting: 2550mm.
Side Lifting Pockets Lifting holes for lifting in the empty condition are provided at top of corner posts.
Handling Damage Protection Miss stacking stub tubes fitted, protection plates fitted to top and bottom faces of frame members adjacent to corner castings, stainless steel wear plates fitted to side faces of corner posts at midpoints.
Vessel Design Code ASME VIII Div 1 where applicable

Please note that the above specifications are “general specifications” that pertain to the majority of the tank containers in our production. These specifications should only be used for general, informational purposes.


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