WCB Series Stainless Steel Portable Gear Oil Pump

Type: Rotary Gear Pump
Material: Cast Iron /Stainless steel
Pressure: 0.3Mpa
Speed: 2800r/min
Capacity: 30-100L/min(7.9-26.4US.GPM)
Application: Oil (Forbidden Gasoline), Lubricating fluid

WCB Series Stainless Steel Portable Gear Oil Pump

WCB Series Stainless Steel Portable Gear Oil Pump Application

WCB Series Stainless steel portable fuel oil pump is a small gear oil pump with a portable handle. This series pump is always used to delivery lubricating liquid, but by adopting stainless steel material, it also works for the medium that is lubrication beverage, food or corrosive liquid.

WCB Portable Gear Oil Pump can transfer pure and neutral oil(E.g. diesel oil, gasoline, hydraulic oil, honey, vegetable oil etc) with the viscosity of 1-8 E from one container to another. With brass gear, it can transfer low-flash point liquid such as gasoline, benzene etc. A bypass valve for an option. SS material and ex-proof motor are offered.

With the merits of small volume and easy to move and carry, the pump has always been used in oil drum carrier, oil refinery, electric power plant and substation and oil depot. The voltage and frequency could be customized to meet customers’ requirements.

WCB Portable Stainless Steel Fuel Oil Gear Pump adopt external devices and transmission media bearing and structure is isolated, lubricated bearings can be individual, specially delivered with consistency for
heat lubrication-free media together with microparticle, by the using of alloy steel gear, and particular heat treatment, with strong wear resistance, great efficiency, smooth operating, powerful delivery, and quite, all of these advantages will help to prolong pump’s service life.

Model Explanation:
Example: WCB-30P
W——- miniature
CB ———– gear pump
30———– flow (30 L / min)
P ——— Material: Stainless Steel

 WCB Series Stainless Steel Portable Gear Oil Pump Specification

Model No. Capacity
Motor Power
Power Source
WCB30 30 30 17 370 220
WCB50 50 30 19 550 220
WCB75 75 30 21 750 220
WCB30P 30 30 17 370 220
WCB50P 50 30 19 550 220
WCB75P 75 30 21 750 220

Please note that the above specifications are “general specifications” that pertain to the majority of our production. These specifications should only be used for general, informational purposes. Subject to change without prior notice. For the actual specification, please check with us when order placed. Classification certification like CCS, DNV, BV, LR, NK, KR, RS shall be provided upon request.


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